0-60 time 30AE

How brutal would you have to be in order to achieve anywhere near the 6.5 seconds 0 to 60 mph in an nd 2.0 ?

I did a few timed runs (GPS) in my Mk3 2.0 with 189hp and had to launch fairly brutally (like 4.5-5k) and I think my best was around that. Didn’t do too many, as it feels horrible.
Given yours is lighter and with a zingy-er engine I think you would need to be pretty brutal and I would think late 6s is achievable. Road surface and decent tyres a must! Good luck and keep us posted!!

Hi Adam
I did a half hearted attempt testing out an app on my phone for 0-60… bit risky as I started from a lay bye on a dual carriageway and was keeping an eye on a clear ‘launch’
But I’ve only done 1000 miles since new, intend keeping car which is my pride and joy,
and was a bit reticent to fully go for it!
Recorded just under 10 seconds so obviously was not on the case!
I’ve never actually abused any of my cars by thrashing the arse off them for fear of a self inflicted engine blow up (and resulting costs or write off!)
I suppose I naively thought just going through gears reasonably hard/quick would produce something near 7seconds, but , as you say, that 6.5 in specs would be best ever, perfect conditions and an expert nutcase who couldn’t give a shit if they caused any damage!
I will try again over the coming months on right road etc
I think probably most drivers are happier accelerating past someone rather than Santa pod!
Steve Williams

Which model has a spec of 6.5 secs?

The best my semi-pro driver friend could manage in a standard NC (5 speed) is 7.2secs (GPS AIM Solo timing).

Corrected info above.

Hi Steve,
That’s right, you really need to launch hard and on the right surfaces in order to get the times to where they can be which does not seem worth the stress that it puts the car under (to me, anyway). Ultimately these aren’t “straight line”/0-60 cars, even though it is an interesting test to benchmark against others out there!

Official spec 0-62 is 6.5 seconds for 30th Anniversary AE
Obviously this is best possible with conditions etc., and more importantly, an expert nutter with no compassion for an engine/gearbox/clutch!
I’m reluctant to see if I can get somewhere near, but I think with practice perhaps under 8 is more realistic
As I’ve mentioned, streaking away from a standing start is not as ‘nice’ as in gear acceleration, in the real world of driving
But I’m just a scaredy-cat!
30AE NO. 389

Autocar did a piece on this years ago, and it was basically a case of drive it like you stole it. Lots of revs, sidestep the clutch and smash from one gear to the next as quickly as possible without or hardly lifting the throttle. So pretty brutal and understandable if you are not paying for the repairs.

Thanks for all the thoughts and details guys!
Think I’ll abandon all that stress and just enjoy the car!