1.6 Mk1 Weak Brakes

Hi.  I was driving my other half’s MX-5 today, and the brakes seemed a bit weaker than I remembered.  I adjusted the rear calipers and, while there was a small improvement in the initial bite, it still seems to take a lot of effort to do anything like a particularly hard stop, and I’m struggling to lock the wheel at low speed in the wet. There’s plenty of material left on the (genuine) pads, and at the last brake service I also fitted a new set of (genuine) discs.  I’m dreading what the answer to this is going to be, but does anyone have any ideas?

Is there any fluid loss from any of the calipers? if not try bleeding the brakes, or is it just that modern car brakes are so good then you get in something older they are - not that good.

In comparison to our A4 cabrio that stops on a sixpence my Mk1 is not good, but as it is about a tenth of the weight it’s hardly suprising.  May just be that.

have you got a good pedal, just needs a lot of force? if so could be a servo problem, any issues with the engine, just thinking if there is a servo problem it can cause a vacuum/air leaks on the manifold.