1.8 cam cover refurb

hi al

i have bought a spare cam cover to refurb and paint and I was advised to remove the screws and baffle  plates on the under side when I removed the should there be anything inside as there isn’t anything inside mine hope someone can help as I’m new to mx5’s

There should be two oblong chambers on the inside of the cam cover, one on each side ( there was on my 1.8 anyway ). I think there is a mesh in them and act as a filter on the vacuum line. I didn’t take mine apart so not sure on this.
Hope that makes sense.

Having read a bit more it seems these chambers are empty apart from the bafles so you should be fine to leave as is.

Thanks for the response there was nothing ins mine when I removed the covers I will have to source some to put in when I put it back together 

Are you thinking of powder coating it? Do you have any idea of cost?

I am thinking of doing the same.

Just for your info. Picture of the inside. Looks like there are three chambers, one each side and one in the middle. Hope that helps.

Not sure on either powder coating yet I’ve removed the covers but there is nothing inside the chambers and as they are baffles I would have thought that there should be something inside them 

i can do powder coating I have a small oven and can do items up to about half a mete, I am going to do mint so will post phot when dobe

I powder coated the original cam cover of my (at the time) recently imported '96 Eunos.  The cam cover was unmolested, in its original, unpainted finish.  I removed the chamber covers and sealant.  The voids were empty - no filter material present.


I have painted and (for my sins) polished a few MK1 and MK2 cam covers and never found anyhting inside the chambers.

Very board one day in Nov so did this took off cam cover but left inlet chamber in place used a brass rotary wire brush fitted to batt drill just a wipe with WD now and then to keep it from oxydising. 1991 V Spec 1.6 had it for 11 years cheers Rob.