1.8 NB Track Car with light road use

Hello all,

Started looking into getting my car ready for some track days, Its a 1999 NB 1.8S so I believe it has the Torsen Diff already.

Plans are as follows:
Roll Cage
Bucket Seat (Recommendations Welcome)
Brake Pads
Coilovers (Just ordered The Meister R Club race today)

And once I’ve had a play with the above setup I will start looking at turbo options.

Will get some pics up once I get the car out the drive and sorted.

1st Question is how big a job is the coilovers? Something I can do on the drive? or best to just get a garage to stick them on?

Depends how handy you are and how proficient at swearing.

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I have a plan now, A guy I know said he will fit them at his garage and do the wheel alignment for £50 :slight_smile:

So after some reading, I decided to go for the Cobra Monaco Pro bucket seat and the JB Side Mounts.

Was looking about on the GSM site and came across a good deal. I already had in my basket the Cobra Monaco Pro in Black Vinyl, I then went to add a harness and found the TRS Magnum Harness. Total for both items was £456 in VAT.

I then looked at the motorsport packages and seen I could get the exact same seat and the same harness for £348 if purchased together. Not a bad £120 saving.