1.8s, models/trim levels/versions?

Hi all been trying to find info quite unsuccessfully regarding the different versions of 1.8s

I have read many different things in many different places, can anyone confirm/deny them?

‘Pick of the bunch is definitely the early 1.6-litre car, as it’s better
balanced than the 1.8 that superseded it and more powerful than the
later 1.6-litre edition.’

The 1.8 started being made mid 1993

The extra bracing/airbags etc started being put in 1994

Higher compression 1.8 were sold after 1995

Does anyone know the kerb weights pre/post revisions and 1.6/1.8 comparisons?

Are torsen LSDs on all imports (enuos) or just special editions?

Will probably remember more and add but any help would be marvelous :slight_smile:



1.8 Roadsters became available in sept 1993, UK 1.8s early 1994.


All 1.8s have the extra bracing. Airbags were technically always an option on Roadsters, though generally became more commonplace with the series 2 1.8s in July 1995. ABS always appeared with the airbag. And there was only a steering wheel airbag; only US models received a passenger airbag in 1994.

Higher compression engines came in July 1995; you can tell these engines from the plain cam cover bolts (not chrome) and lack of a chrome camcover breather pipe. The rest of the car got some changes as well; thinner carpet, airbag-style “bent” control stalks on all cars (Mazda also fitted a steering column spacer place on non-airbagged cars, along with a offset centre steering wheel)

Depends on the model (Roadster, MX5etc). Numbers (lbs) quoted for US spec Miatas:

1990 NA 1.6L 2182

1991 NA 1.6L 2182

1992 NA 1.6L 2214

1993 NA 1.6L 2223

1994 NA 1.8L 2293

1995 NA 1.8L 2293

1996 NA 1.8L 2293

1997 NA 1.8L 2359



Again, depends on the model, and year. The S-Package and above generally had Torsen, but some early S-Packages in 1993 don’t seem to have it. The S-Package was the most popular trim, so most will have Torsen. In July 1995, Mazda revised the range, and introduced the M-Package; a bit cheaper than the S-Package, but not as basic as the base model. No Torsens on these.

In general, most limited editions were based on the S-Special, and so had Torsen (1993-1995; Type 1, 1996+; Type 2). The G-Limited wasn’t based on the S-Spec, and so didn’t have Torsen. After 1995, more specials were based on the M-package (eg B2 Limited).

The revised model also received the 4.300 final gearing and lightened flywheel that was previously fitted to the RS-Limited and R-Limited. All UK 1.8 Mk1 MX5s retained the 4.100 final gearing, and never received the Torsen (not even as an option, the earlier 1.6 was apparently offered the option of the vicous LSD).


My “Type 2” S Spec Eunos - will it have type 2 Torsen? - it has bent stalks, apparently '96,
Was told by seller it had 4:3 ratio, and lighter flywheel…

What are differences between Type 1 & Type 2 Torsen?


Not a lot in use.

This thread includes a succinct explanation of the differences:



From a defunct part of Randy Stocker’s (SoloMiata) webpage:

You can tell the Series 2 NA8C by the following:

  1. Torsen Type II diff were fitted

  2. Lightened flywheel

  3. 4.300 final drive

  4. Thin “fuzzy” carpet, and increased carpeting in the boot

  5. Bent stalks

  6. Electric window over-ride switch

  7. Green script “Roadster” badge

  8. Plain cam cover bolts

  9. Black strut brace on S-Specials

  10. Wide DIN radio surround (aftermarket radios sit flush)

  11. Black hazard switch.

  12. No chrome on dials

  13. Revised Momo steering wheel; if you change the steering wheel (Nardi, airbag, 4-spoke plastic, or Momo), for an aftermarket wheel, you may n eed to remove the steering column spacer, to gain sufficient clearance with your legs.

  14. S-Specials no longer come with stainless steel pedal covers

  15. Door tweeters fitted on S-Specials, and headrest speakers deleted; however, the seats remain pre-wired!

  16. S-Specials no longer identified on door shut build sticker

  17. Revised seats; these have a shorter squab and reduced side support. The material is the same as earlier cars, but the reduced support means these wear appallingly (my best explanation; you move around more in these seats). I have replaced my seats from those from a much older car, which are in better conditon. These give better side support, and better wear characteristics. However, on mine, the squab foam has clearly suffered a bit. Luckily, IL Motorsports stock replacement foam parts.

  18. On the exhaust, Mazda eliminated one of the hangers. An unfortunate repurcussion of this is that some aftermarket exhaust makers haven’t realised this, and continue to fit a hanger on the exhaust for all models. I have heard of some MOT failures since all they see is an unsecured hanger. On my car, the Mongoose system uses a bolt on hanger bracket, which can be simply left off.

  19. Interior door pulls revert to the earlier style “hockey stick” handles


Thanks for all the info, all useful[:)]

Is the 4.1 mean higher revs at same speed than 4.3 or other way round?

Also random question,

Will the cam cover of a 1.8 mazda 323f engine fit on mx-5 1.8? i know they are both bp series engines and look similar at a glance, can get the 323f epc number if it helps?

4.300; higher revs at same speed. Its the same gearing as on 1.6s.

And a 323 BP engine cam cover will fit.

So better acceleration lower top speed?

Sweet will bring one off of current car :slight_smile:




Saz after reading this thread i really am beginning to believe you were Bob Hall’s assistant after all[:)]