1991 BBR (modified a bit) Restoration - who can I trust?

This appeal is long over due (very overdue in fact) but I have finally decided to bite the bullet and get things moving with this project but I have fallen totally out of touch with the MX-5 universe so need wise counsel.

In short, who is my best bet to strip down and restore my NA and bring her back to something approaching her former glory? I know this is going to cost me but based on a superficial inspection there is no obvious structural rust issues (waxoyl in the early years) and before she was ‘laid up’ the engine and gearbox functioned perfectly (*other than the squealing mentioned below). That said, I’m fully aware hidden rust issues may be lurking.
The paintwork (red of course) is faded on some panels and the clear coat is peeling badly so a respray is in order if I am to do this properly.
Aside from the known problems (see below) I do require someone who can fit a more modern programmable ECU for the turbo - I’m told a Megasquirt box is the preferred option - so familiarity with turbo set up is vital.

I had approached a well-known ‘race based’ MX-5 business pre-covid but no reply despite a couple of chasers - disappointing

Hopefully someone here has had one of the MX-5 specialists undertake a similar exercise and can provide a ‘tried & tested’ recommendation. Based on their vids and longevity in the biz ‘The MX-5 Restorer’ looks to be top of the pile but I’m sure others exist I might add to my shortlist.

Economically this project probably doesn’t make a great deal of sense but I have only ever owned pre-owned vehicles. This is the only car I’ve had from new and we have ‘history’ so it’ll be a sentimental purchase and hopefully will create something for me to pass onto my sons :kissing_heart:

The vehicle (owned from new):

1991 BBR turbo
Modified during it’s earlier years with Flyin’ Miata (FM) ECU; bigger injectors; bigger I/C etc.
Additionally 1.8 brakes; FM suspension parts; Hard Dog roll bar and various bits and bobs.

After it’s last re-fresh (2017?) it developed a nasty squeal when depressing the clutch pedal and an exhaust support arm sheared off going over a speed hump (it’s an early S/S BBR item). After being left for a while it then failed to start and then it was covid and lockdown during which time I have neglected her. I feel really bad about this and feel I must make amends.

Await informed recommedations and my thanks in advance for anyone taking the time to reply - it’ll be appreciated.

P.S. I should add distance is no object (within the UK) as I can have the car transported anywhere .


I know you said anywhere in the UK is possible BUT where are you located?

I’m in West London — near Kew.