1997 1.8 Mk1 Heated rear window switch

I have a 1997 1.8 UK spec Mk1 and on the lookout for a hardtop but also the operating switch.
The one I have that’s been in my odds and ends box for ages has five spade connectors whereas the blue connector on the dash has only four out of the six wired up so I’m guessing the switch I have might be for the NB or NC.
Does anyone have a Mk1 switch going spare, happy to pay inc postage?


This is about £30 from Mazda last time I checked.

Part number V021-V7-237

Actually this may not suit UK cars, can you post a picture of the plug on your car?

Hi, here’s the switch I have showing the connectors X 5, then there’s the blue connector in the dash.

Ah yes, the switch you have is not a MX-5 switch, the graphic is the wrong way round. The switch I posted is no good for you either but the one you need is readily available. The switch you have has the tell tail on the switch, the one you need doesn’t as the tell tail is in the instrument cluster.

Thanks for clearing that up Robbie, I’ll get ordering the correct one.