2 months in

Well, I’ve had the NC two months now and done over 1000 miles, it’s been very enjoyable.
just had to top the oil up - but I gather that’s normal? maybe half a litre in that mileage.
Fixed the central locking (2 used door locks) replaced a few missing clips and covers, had the aircon recharged, sill welded, brake caliper freed off and changed the diff and gearbox oil, (going to do brake fluid soon). also touched up the bubbling paint around the bonnet and boot locks and given it a good clean and polish. every thing else seems good to go for the rest of the summer and am planning a trio to Belgium in the near future.


bled some fresh fluid through the brakes and clutch today, and they both feel better for it, not that they were bad before but the gear change feels sweeter and the brake pedal travel is shorter, so time well spent.
I did notice the NSR tyre is getting low, it’s a toyo, so looking for recommendation on what to replace with, the fronts are something I’ve not heard of and nearly new (event?) but they seem to work ok, thought i might swop the wheels round and have a new pair on the front - but what? (205/50 16)

anyone changed the power steering fluid - recomended interval?
ditto auxilliary belt, and gearbox turret oil (5 speed NC 1.8).
also mine is now at the 75k audiable check of the valve clearance, sounds ok to me, has anyone had to have shims changed?

I haven’t had to top up oil on any of the 5 x MX-5’s that I have owned which included an NC and NC2.

If you’ve topped 500ml in 1000 miles are there any leaks or smoke haze evident?

If from your reading and experiences this is an acceptable amount of usage and doesn’t get worse then nothing to worry about I suppose.

Re the turret oil, definitely it has some in the 6 speed, not sure 5 speed NC?
Re engine oil top ups, I’ve never put any in between oil changes as in the post above really. It has been known to overfill the engine oil due to the hard to read dipstick, just make sure you get that reading correct. You can order the revised easy read dipstick from Mx5parts.
Tyres, Kumho (Ecsta PS71) for me and a few others members, I’ve just had a set on my daily driver too.
Power steering fluid, another member has just tackled this job, have a search, not done it myself.

no oil leaks or smoke evident, thought from reading forum, some oil use was not uncommon, will keep an eye on what it’s using to be fair I got them to change the oil when i bought it and just had a look at dipstick cold and again after a few hundred miles, seemed to be full, then checked at 1000 miles warm but stood 20 mins and was on bottom of dipstick, added a large glug from a gallon can no where near 3/4 litre it’s supposed to take, checked a bit later and seems full, I think the handbook gives an acceptable usage and it’s well under that.
might check the turret at some stage just to see.
PS fluid looks ok but might be 13 yrs old - so may drain and refill reservoir anyway.
belts look cheap enough so will probably get a spare/standby.
will look at tyres as I think there is still a couple of thousand in the backs but probably need doing for MOT in September…

Had mine about a wee bit longer than you. Been doing trips out to Cathedral cities on sunny days just for fun. Done 1600 miles so far.

Changed every fluid except the battery acid.

Power steering I sucked out (big syringe for oil costs about a tenner on Amazon and has been used many times with gearbox and different changes), filled up, run engine went lock to lock (with weight off the wheels), sucked out, topped up, repeat until used most of the new bottle of fluid. Won’t get it all changed but the old will be well diluted with the new.

Do recommend a new dipstick, about £15 from mx5parts. Takes guess work out of things. My car hasn’t used any oil in 1600 miles… Might be worth you trying a slightly heavier grade, be careful though, don’t stray too far from manufacturers spec.

Topped up the turret the other night (6 speed), it was dry. I also changed the rubbers at the same time as they were holed. This has help the cold changing.

I would also recommend some Ravenol Fl22 concentrate to change the antifreeze. Halfords are about the cheapest for dionised water, so I used about 20l of that to flush repeatedly and then added 3 or 4 litres of Ravenol to get to around 55% concentration.

well changed the PS fluid, (only the reservoir) and had a look at the turret, but was nicely full of oil and rubbers ok so no probs there, maybe I can go for a drive to the pub now!

I changed my power steering fluid via the reservoir.
Using a syringe, I took out as much as I could and then topped up with fresh.
Ran the engine for 5 minutes, turning the steering from lock to lock.
Then did the same again, just making sure that I din’t remove more fluid than I had left.

I used a litre.
I’ll admit that it couldn’t possibly get it all, as it will have mixed, but i’m happy that i replaced the bulk of it.