2004 MX2.5 Starting Problem

Although not a new member, this is my 1st post on any forum so apologies if it goes on a bit !

My 2004 MX 1.8Ltr started to “play up” a little just before Christmas. Not a daily drive, but never previously failed to start. I drove three miles into town, parked up-locking on passenger side door. Returned to car one hour later, got in, turned the key and  nothing ! the clock on radio went off when key turned but otherwise lights on dash stayed on. I called my wife who came with jump leads - connected and car started immediately. I drove it the long way home, no problems, immediately restarted when tried again.

Two weeks later had the same incident -apart from car being locked and reopened on drivers door. Again my wife came along with jump leads and car started and ran fine. I must add that the battery is one year old and voltage was fine when checked.

However it did the same on Monday this week on our drive, so again I started it on jump leads - not quite as easily this time, drove the car again three miles to town to get the battery checked at Halfords(the supplier of the battery) it checked out on their tester ok. Got in the car and it wouldn’t start, tried to jump start from a stock battery and still no go. After some attempts I called the AA who sadly sent a “local Garage” out to sort it. The very friendly guy tried in vain to get it going, but did just he same as I had apart from enlisting three people to try push starting it. He then said disconnecting the battery would re set the immobiliser as he thought that was the issue. on doing this he got in, turned the key and the starter spun over but the car wouldn’t fire ! eventually we decided to recover the car to the dealer I bought it from - where it is awaiting their attention now.

When we got there we tried starting it again and as in the initial cases no response to the key. only things I have noticed is that occasionally when locking and unlocking the door since this started, the indicators don’t flash once or twice as they would normally - could there be a door/wiring connection issue ? Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted. sorry its a bit of a story but I guess the more info/history the better. Thanks.


When you checked the voltage, did you check the charging voltage across the battery with the car running which should be 14+ Volts?  Might be a charging issue, loose / old belt / alternator issue?

As an aside, your post is all ‘squashed’ together which makes it difficult to read, it would make it easy to breakdown ( pun not intended ) the issue if you split to post up into more sections, you should be able to re-edit the post and put some line breaks in between each occurrence.



Sounds like a battery issue. If not the battery itself, then I would be looking at the terminals, including the negative to earth lead at both ends.
Lights going out when you activate the starter is a classic battery terminal symptom.