2005 NB, battery woes

Just to put this one to bed, and in case it might be of use to anyone - I’ve finally discovered the cause of my phantom power drain.

After recharging the battery the fault didn’t reoccur and I’ve been able to leave the car for several days with no problems.

Today, after parking, I retrieved a bag from the boot. On closing it, it felt as if it didn’t quite close properly. Looking down, I could just see the dim reflection of the number plate/boot light in the bumper. Although the boot was closed and the lock was engaged, the light was on. Unlocking it and closing the boot a bit more firmly the light went out. Eureka!

Fortunately I’d just washed the car and the bumper was nice and shiny or I might well have missed it. Hope this might help others.

Where is the switch and is it easily cleaned? I have an aerosol can of electrical switch cleaner somewhere.

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