2007 1.8 Mk3/NC For Sale

Due to circumstances that meant I had to get a ‘practical’ car - ie one I can transport both kids in, my 2007 NC is up for sale.

Car has done 95500 miles, but starts in the button and uses no oil. No smoke.

I bought the car as a bit of a project. Have done a few bits:

  • Lowered using the springs from MX-5 parts
  • Few chrome touches internally
  • swapped indicator lenses for clear ones
  • replaced centre console with a cubby for phone and charging
  • added a Pure DAB unit to the standard head unit, which gives DAB, Bluetooth phone and music playing

The bodywork is untidy thanks to previous owners. I haven’t got around to it yet - scuffed rear arch, cloudy lacquer in places, stone chips and a few other marks. No disasters, but just not got into it yet.

The roof is water tight, while the drain holes have been cleared by me recently.

Oil, plugs and filters all changed 6 months ago.

MOT was extended to October when lockdown happened. If I get the chance I’ll get a new ticket on it. All tyres have plenty of depth.

If I get the price I’m looking for I’ve got a new back box I’ll chuck in, and some other spares - original orange indicator lenses, spare oem shocks and lowering springs. Also got a set of ramps that I might let go too.

Car is located in Papworth, just outside of Cambridge. CB23.

Looking for around £2200 for it to come with all of the extra bits. Happy to go sensibly lower without.

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