2008 Niseko soft top

This is my second MX5 (first was a 2005 mk2.5 1.8i sport).    I spotted this in Letchworth (Norton’s Way) and couldn’t resist as I’d been looking for an update.    I’m more than happy with it so far as it’s an improvement in more or less every way.

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hello and welcome davidWaving

which colour?
is it the Icey Blue? my favourite Niseko Big Smile

Yes, it’s Icy Blue.    I wasn’t sure when I looked at it on the web, but in person it’s stunning.

I’ve only owned this a few weeks but I’m having a great time.   Already I’ve taken it to the Lake District and driven it across country to Lincolnshire.   It really is a versatile little car.   What have I noticed?  Well, the handling is better than the mark 2, it’s more sure footed, on rails at the back end whilst being lively at the front.  Despite having less power, if you push it through the gears, it rewards with some lively performance.   Very happ with it.