2009 Calendar

Has the calendar been released yet?

Does anyone not want theirs, as i seem to having troubles
getting my membership re-activated :frowning:



I don’t think it’s been released yet.

I’ve heard there are some great cars in there this year. [;)]

It should be out with STHT, dispatch date, 24 November.

What’s the trouble with you membership activation ?

Well, I returned my renewal notice after receiving the reminder. The cheque doesn’t appear to have been cashed, but if I do it online the club now wants to charge me the full £33.50 as apposed to £27.50 :confused:

Phone membership on 0845 601 4231 and speak to Jim or Mattie.  They will be able to sort it for you…

Hmm, I’ve heard such a rumour too [;)]

I missed out on last yeard, so looking forward to seeing this years calender [:)]

Should be dispatched on Monday…  [:D]

Do you get the Calendar when you join the club or is it sold seperately??

It is included with the December edition of Soft Top Hard Top (STHT) which is the club’s magazine.

I’m not sure if it is available seperately, maybe the next person along will…


This gent was able to help me when I was looking for back issues of STHT so he may be able to help you get a hold of the Dec issue with the calendar.

Part of the MX5OC admin team I believe and very helpful.


Good luck[Y]


One of the perks of membership of the club [;)]

Club calendars will be available to buy for anyone who wants a copy or an extra copy.  Watch out for details on here shortly.  [:D] 

Thanks for the Calendar m8, received today :slight_smile:

oppps sorry Le Geek, your post seems to have been censored by the mods…

tut tut Mods Freedom of speech and all that :stuck_out_tongue: