2016 ND Price too good to be true?

Hi Folks,

Currently looking for a replacement ND1 and came across a 2016 2.0L Sport Nav (same specs as I used to have) with 31k on the clock. It’s for sale on evilbay with an independent garage (not Mazda) but only on for £13.8k? Normally I would have thought this was about right if not a bit low but with the current stupid inflated prices, does it seem too good to be true?

I would have went to look at it but it’s 200+ miles from me, however the garage seems happy to allow an RAC / AA inspection. Not something I have ever done as prefer to look myself. Also a bit strange failed an MOT due to seatbelt being heavily worn / frayed?? Best off keeping away?

I’d say there is a story to tell and the garage know it. Kind of giving the game away with the price. Why not ask them straight; your constitution may be up to the answer :slightly_smiling_face: Heavily frayed/worn seatbelt is very strange. Normally something one would associate with age and wear; what else could have caused that, perhaps an accident?
Not up on prices but as you surmise I would imagine that would have been a reasonable price pre COVID, etc but now perhaps underpriced 1.5 - 2K?

Yep, I’m in agreement with you. Something strange will ask a few questions!

Probably a Cat S or N, so it’s cheaper.

Would be worth a cheap HPi or similar SMS text vehicle check of its status before you travelled.

I know of a bloke selling a soul red Nd1 2.0 for around 13k. based in Coventry area

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Got any details for it?

Isn’t a heavily worn/frayed seat belt an MOT failure reason?

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Yes, it failed for it. Must have fitted a new one then retested a few days later looking at it. Probably going to leave the car well alone as who knows what else has been done to it!

Seat belt might just have got stuck in door and damaged, tester just used usual wording for damage to belt ?

Don’t write it off just because it’s not at a main dealer.
If you’re serious about buying that particular car due diligence is sensible before going further.
On top of the usual mot history (what there is should be faultless) and service history check (any Mazda dealer )
I suggest using Vcheck, which will look at salvage records for unrecorded damage (ie, not on an insurance database as written off) as well as the normal hpi type checks, as small dealers advertising on eBay/gumtree/Facebook etc are quite often where cars with a (very) hidden history end up for sale.
I hope it’s a good one.

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The ebay listing is not hard to find but a search on 2016 MX5 MK4 shows how cheaply this car is listed.
Perhaps a genuine bargain lost in space and time with regards to appropriate pricing.
I looked at the MOT failure and yes, it could be attributed to any random cause of seat belt damage.
Worth checking out but on public domain and not sold.

Cheers guys, some good points made!

If I was looking for a new car, I wouldn’t be put off by the price being less than I wanted to pay…
Phone them, ask the usual questions and if you don’t like the answers, then walk away. First thing to decide is if it is the car for you, or not.
I am not sure I would ask the seller why it is cheap though… they will volunteer info if relevant (cash flow situation, over stocked, not their niche market, etc). If it is a Cat N or whatever, they will tell you if you ask directly. Asking them why it is cheap is not going to do you any negotiating favours (getting warranty, servicing, delivery, whatever thrown in).
If you still have too much money, let me know. I am willing to help out.

Usually when a car is cheap it’s cat N or S. A lot on Facebook and eBay are.

There are bargains to be had, but do your vehicle checks, finance, stolen, category etc and get a mechanic to look it over.

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If in doubt…spend a bit more at a main dealer,

Mines had the odd mod done to it :rofl: :joy: so I hardly think its worth the book price now but the intention was not to sell it until petroleum Runs Out :joy: :joy: :wink:

I got my 1.5 nd soul red September 2020 for 14k. It was 17k but Covid hit the company and they had a sale, the day after they reduced it by 3k I bought it. I’d been watching it for a while on eBay. It was Bristol street motors Bromley. It had 22k miles on it and was like new.
The prices have gone up since and I could get 17-18 now. Might be that they haven’t caught up with the rise in s/h car pricing and are still at last autumn’s prices.

As they’re happy to have the car undergo inspection, why not go for it? Pay with credit card (in full or just the deposit) and you’re covered should they not play ball in the event you discover something major that hasn’t been highlighted.
You might just get a bargain.

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Would have been all over this as considered a BBR package down the line. Probably way out of my budget being an ND2. Feel free to PM me a link though :+1:

I also own a Defender and the seatbelt is always getting caught in the door when I slam it shut. This is causing the seatbelt to fray. It might be as simple as that.

I don’t know if that is a thing with the MX5 though.