2018 ND 184 - GT Sport Nav- was CarPlay standard?

Hello, I have a 2018 ‘68’ GT Sport Nav, the car has touch screen Nav and rear camera. Was car play standard? I’ve plugged in a lightening cable and the Car Play menu doesn’t appear like it does on my Golf.
However, I’ve read this was standard? Can anyone advise if it was?
Do I need to activate something- a mode- or does the fact it doesn’t appear with the cable plugged in mean it’s not fitted?

It’s not on my 2019 GT Sport Nav but I think that it was an option. Think it may be standard on 2020 cars though.

No it wasn’t standard, it was first standard on the AE30 edition then the 2020 cars. You know you have it if one of the USB ports has a phone symbol next to it (if it doesn’t you don’t). It can be retro-fitted relatively easily though and can be bought for as little as £100 these days (Aliexpress)