2019 ND soft luggage

Hoping this uploads the photos, still getting to grips with the forum as a new member, I had the attached made for my 2019 ND last year, unbelievable quality and good price

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Colin the owner looked after everything and made bespoke to match my 5, great service, price £280 plus VAT and had 2 shoe bags made for £30 each afterwards, all fit in the boot.


Hope it helps someone on the forum



Look stunning. I presume one small bag goes in the bottom recess and the other behind the large case.

Link you provided is incorrect. Found the website here -


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I blame advancing years for my inability to load the right link so thanks, yes that’s how they fit in and really pleased with them, we are off to the Loire valley for 10 days later this year to give them a good road test

Doing a trip to Scotland including the NC500 in May. You’ve got me thinking about a set of these. Cream with red piping would look good with my ND but thinking towards the future I might go for the cheaper IL Motorsport ones that won’t clash with my 30AE in a couple of years.

P.S. Don’t tell the wife about the 30AE. :shushing_face:

Not one for offering advice but …live for today and the 30AE can wait… I’m taking early retirement next month so great idea about the NC 500, on the list including 8 weeks in Italy next year…

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