2020 MX5 worth it?

This is not a ‘should you buy it or not post’, it’s just to see what peoples opinions are with regards to the price of the newest RF 2.0 and if they think it’s worth the asking price, I’ve just seen this one for just under £30,000 https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/new/202002087097478?

I myself can’t see it as a car worth £30k, you can get a lot more car in the form of Audi, BMW & Mercedes for similar money and I’d imagine you’d take a massive hit if you were to sell 2-3 years down the line.

Are they pricing it too high???

It has gone up a lot in price.

I have come from BMW and Mercedes cars, and to be fair none of their range offers what the MX5 does to the enthusiastic driver IMO.

I honestly think the mx5 could almost be considered exotica if it the badge had more allure. Certainly in ND2 guise and the new 2.0 engine,

That said I think sales will be hit hard by the new pricing, but second hand prices may be buoyed by it.

Also, i think that the price hike is to do with tax and emissions rather than Mazda’s strategy.

I understand what you are saying with pure driving thrills, but as a complete package pound for pound and what you get for your money!

Yeah I remember reading somewhere that they take a hit on every 2.0 sold as it exceeds the emissions allowed, vaguely recall something to do with CAFE???

It’s just when you see a price tag of just shy of £30k and then you see this 6 months old and 1,500 on the clock https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/202003078130530?

Don’t get me wrong guys, the MX5 is a great car, but for me personally I don’t think I’d go over £25k new, and used I’d be looking around £22k for a 69 plate.

I wonder what the comment would be if the Mazda was in turbo blue rather than that dark grey.

My opinion, don’t shoot me! Is no it’s not worth it. You can get a great mx5 for less than £10k and get all the enjoyment you need. Mods can be done and when the roofs down there’s no better feeling. I wouldn’t spend £30k on one. My 5 series cost £40k plus but is a totally different car and worth the money. It gets left at home for the nc though when the suns out.

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I agree, personally don’t like the way any of the TTs I’ve sampled drive but i get the point.

I paid 23k for a brand new 30AE and all of the extra kit and the colour are exactly what i want so i am delighted.

30k for a new one without all that is a no from me.

But… there is no other car like it for less than 30k either. Probably no other car like it at all TBH.

As Del boy would say ‘no way Pedro’.

Again, yes, and in fact you can get a cracking NC for 4K and laugh out loud every time you drive it.

It’s all opinion and what it’s worth to each individual.

I have two 5 series, both M5s. An E34 and an E39. Both cost exactly 10k and were fantastic, not big bills, owned both for 5 years and sold both for around 7k. So to me 40k on a 5 series is madness.

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The recent (& significant) price hike of around 25% on the 2 litre, a little less on the 1.5 litre is apparently due to Mazda taking a financial hit from the EU for every MX-5 sold due to recently tightened EU emissions regs.

Prior to the big price increase, I was considering a new 2.0 litre ND2 RF as a replacement for my 2.0 litre NC2 PRHT Sportech for which I paid £20,100 (new) in early 2012. However £30K is too much for what it is, in my opinion - still a very nice car of course & I’ve been really pleased with my NC2 - but I wouldn’t spend as much as £30K on any car.


Work car, from new. It’s a tool for the job and you get what you pay for!! The wife’s 2 series was cheaper and I paod for that, she loves it, I’m not bothered

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The wife has a 420d GC from new which was about 37k as a work car. Cracking distance and family workhorse, and not as nice as a 5. But after 3.5 years and 65k miles it’s lost about 27k in value which makes me wince.

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Yeh I had a 4 for a bit and looked great but 5 eats the miles up

Anyways back to mx5 and I’m spraying my alloys the weekend !!

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+1. Current new prices are off the scale.
Got a Soul Red 2.0 RF Sport Nav, 6k miles on a '67 plate for ~£15k before last Xmas and like @dirtybeer , the 2018 530d which I bought new spends a lot of time sat on the drive these days.

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£30 = no for me. Yes it’s in a category of its own so if you want a cheapish 2 seater sports car then the MX5 is your go-to, but personally for me (as I bought mine for track) I’d forgo the convertible roof, would add £4k to my budget and ordering up the Yaris GR4 :crazy_face: and have an older MX5 for sunny countryside driving :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I like the RF in dark grey! My first colour choice :slight_smile:

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That’s the worry I have about buying a used RF! I took one for a test drive before the lockdown, I just got a feeling about the car and asked the salesman if the car had been used on a track? He said “Not as far as I’m aware”, I didn’t believe him for one second as he knew the owner as a repeat customer and a lot of cars they sell are track day type cars! Then I was looking on here a few weeks back and saw a picture of an RF like the one I took for the test drive, I sent a pm to the member and sure enough the car had been sold to the place I had the test drive and yes it had been on a track and the owner had bought another car for track use!

I also enquired about another RF, same again “Has it been on a track?”, the answer came back “No”. I left it a few weeks and then contacted them again, this time it was a different sales person, they sent me a video of the car and slipped up with “The customer is only selling as he has 2 motorbikes and 4 other cars, so this was just his weekend track car”…

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OK found another car that looks interesting, what do you guys think of the deal/price and I think it’s a ex demo…would that put you off?

MX-5 RF 69 plate
2.0 [184] Sport Nav+
1,000 miles
Ceramic metallic
Safety pack option fitted including reversing camera

They are calling me tomorrow about it.

Personally I prefer the sports nav as I don’t like brown leather (As GT) which doesn’t look right with some colours. Black leather :thinking:. Never had a problem with cars like that. A good realistic price too​:+1: (Saving thousands, not just hundreds).
PS people will say lot’s of people have driven it or sat in it. Not always true. Well, how many people sit (and drive) a brand new one. Less yes but…All under warranty anyway .

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I’d say that sounds great value indeed.

You may find it has much less that 1000 miles, or could even be pre reg and never really driven.

A lot of manufacturers reg cars and list miles way above what they are.