2024MY MX-5 Changes Not Discussed

My Garmin satnav does this while I’m increasing speed slightly, but when the speed it indicates is 1 to 3mph below the limit speed.
If I’m above a new lower limit by the same margin because of slowing a bit belatedly, it again beeps twice.
So driving at a steady ~30mph in a 30 limit can be quite noisy.

It often ignores a bigger over-speed margin! Maybe this should be addressed.

Three beeps mean there is a speed camera nearby, but not necessarily on the same road.
eg. I often use a B road crossing over the top of the A40, and the A40 camera under the bridge triggers the beeps.

Alas, after all this time I’ve become so accustomed to the beeps I’m in danger of ignoring them. Fortunately the NC MX-5 speedo is very obvious and easy to see.

Reason #574 to not buy a new car. That and not having DRLs…


I know, sad.

Rear parking sensors are flush fit to the bumper rather than raised too.

An observation from today is the Homora recaros give a noticeable amount of extra room in comparison to the normal leather seats. I can sit much deeper into the car fitted with Recaro seats.

Not so much a change for 2024 as I know the recaro seats have been an option in the past.

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Am I correct in thinking DRL bulbs in DRL clusters cannot be individually changed ? If so the move incorporate DRL’s with headlight clusters will surely mean increased costs, I am sure I have read somewhere that replacing headlight light unit with defective DRL’s, presumably for MOT, can run into four figures for some marques.

Mazda lighting is pretty good and rarely gives problems.

(Ooops, have I just jinxed the 2024 MY ND headlamps?)

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I am sure that Mazda used to make household light bulbs in the past :grinning:


Or was it Osram that used to make cars? :rofl: :rofl:



It was the first tungsten filament bulb, and made by General Electric (GE), and named after the god of light. Today Mazda cars and GE share the brand name.

When I bought this house in 1971 the kitchen had a single enormous 100W 250V Ediswan-Mazda lightbulb for the whole room.
Four years later when we redid the kitchen that bulb was still working, but we removed it and put in two 60W, each brighter, and better placed for more even lighting.
I’ve no idea how old that 100W bulb was but the 250V is a clue and suggests it was old in 1971! I kept it for a while as a curiosity but it vanished in one of our many clear-ups

I think the oldest surviving light bulb is something like a 100 years old. Think its in the USA.

Maybe more, I did see a carefully protected one at NAB2000, made in 189? and still able to glow! (at a lower than originally specified voltage)

I remember adverts on the underground - 'The lights go out from Omsk to Ongar , but Mazda lamps stay brighter longer ’

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