215 tyres NC

Eventually got round to fitting a full set of 215 PS71s

Haven’t driven far but will report in when I get a good impression compared to the same tyre but in the standard 205 size

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Yep - they look great.

Don’t forget to inform your insurance company though - they will probably view it as a modification. They shouldn’t increase your premium, but simply informing them could save a whole lot of pain should you be involved in an incident.

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Do please keep us posted. I am planning to do exactly the same in a month or two.

I may well go for the Kumhos, but I am also looking at the Goodyear F1 Assym 6.

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Loving your wheel colour :ok_hand:
Mine is also shod with 215 Kumho PS71’s and they’re a pretty good tyre.


215/45 R17 Michelin PS5 for me. They are brilliant on the road and on track. Mate is running the Kumhos and is also happy.

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Well my first proper drive and I really thought I`d made a terrible mistake. The car felt really nervous and twitchy in a straight line and my usual roundabouts and twisty bits were a mess.

Just before heading off on a trip up into Northumberland I did my usual checks (also an oil service and fresh air filter etc) and found the tyres were at 40PSI !!!

Now they are at 29PSI all round it`s back to feeling right!

So good result.

A classic case of over inflated with new tyres, it happens often.
Let me know how you get on, i reckon my
215’s rub on the rear arch liners because of the extra width. Car is lower than I’d like though, so maybe a factor.

Well Mine is on the low side also but have no scrubbing issues at all.

On a trip into Northumberland this week and now I’m at the correct tyre pressure I’m happy with the slight increase in size. Certainly can’t feel any degradation in ride or handling.

So in summary 215 45 17s work well.

Did you change your tyre sensor, when you change your tyres.

there is no TPMS tyre sensor in my nc wheels and as far as I know not many have them.

The ECU may indicate a flat if the wheel speed sensor picks one wheel with different wheel speed than the rest but I have never had the pleasure of checking whether this is the case

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I’ve never known an NC to have TPMS…

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Sorry mine is a ND, not a no, very sorry for confusion.

Late model NC in the UK had TPMS which used sensors in each wheel.

Concur. So is that a good reason to stick with 205/45 on my NC 3.75?

My 3.75 doesn’t have them. Was it later than 2013?

Yes. 64 plate.

VIN serial number 350001 onwards IIRC. Shouldn’t matter what size tyres they are used with, they transmit real time pressure and temperature information.