24 Hours of Lemons

In the States there’s a race series called the 24 Hours of Lemons. The idea is that no car entered in a race should cost more than $500. Safety items such as seat belts and roll cages are not included in this total, but the cost of acquiring the car and converting it for the race can’t exceed that $500 limit. The judges ask for and examine accounts at scrutineering! Entrants are allowed to buy a car and sell off any non-required parts and the cost of the sales is deducted from the purchase price.

MX5s are common entrants in the series and have been successful in the past.

There’s an interesting project going on for the next race in December see 



http://jalopnik.com/5091655/eyesore-racings-ghettocharged-miata-fears-no-turbocharged-peugeot-surrender-monkeys for more info.


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I see they are not expecting to do more than 25 laps - but have lots of fun.

I thought the idea of entering for a race was to try to win or at least finish.


24 hour lemons,  I love that as a title…   [Y]

Often on this sort of “Max Price” races, all the entrants have to agree to sell their car for the max value at the end of the meet to ensure no one has spent on hidden extras.

Rules and regs are at http://www.24hoursoflemons.com/rules/
1.6 is a killer [:D].
The car cost info is at S4.
It’s an interesting concept. I wonder if it world work over here?