30AE insurance - tracker!

Anyone been able to insure a 30AE without paying for a tracker? Seems so unnecessary to me but Aviva insisted, so I now pay £150 a year for a tracker I never wanted in the first place! I do live in London zone 2 but that didn’t seem to be relevant. Many thanks, Nick.

Yes, never had any problems and under £200 per annum.
Personally I would shop around and find a better offer.

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Why stick with Aviva ?

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I’ve had to have a tracker on a couple of my previous BMW’s, and one Merc, but I don’t get why aviva would insist on one on a 30AE, which at the end of the day is a slightly blinged up sport nav. I’d look elsewhere, they’re easy to insure.

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I thought some postcodes, such as London, were notoriously difficult to get insurance.

Thanks, yes i think its the Sw2 postcode which is making it difficult to switch to a different insurer. The car is in a secure private development but as far as insurers are concerned that counts as on the road. Will keep looking!

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Your insurance should have some sort of option for secure car park. My insurer AIB were able to put it as ‘private locked compound’ and it made a difference (also in London N6) on my policy.

No request for a tracker from LV for my AE30RF. That said I’m in a quiet part of a country town…

Please feel free to give us a try for insurance if you’re unhappy with your current provider.

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