30th anniversary edition Rays alloys: any one know the colour/paint code?

Scuffed one of the lovely special edition Rays ZE40 RS30 wheels (on a 2019 RF 30th anniversary edition) and need the colour/paint code for a repair job.

Anyone know what it is?


Not sure it’s known.

You might have to go to a body shop, they can scan it and mix you some up.

Black permanent marker, then rub with your fingers, and no one can see from 3 feet away.
Just sayin’ :zipper_mouth_face:

If it’s just a small touch up, the following paint pen is a very good match:

Unfortunately, it’s a US only part meaning your local Mazda dealer will not be able to source it. I got mine from Priority Mazda Parts for a lower price when they were still operating. The eBay link above seems to be the only supplier who are willing to post to the UK.

Thanks all for responding.

I’ve managed to get someone to do a reasonable paint-matched repair today, but the touch-up pen might be useful for future episodes of minor clumsiness :blush:) - however paying £23.34 postage seems hard to swallow(!)

A drop in the ocean compared to replacing a wheel😧.