3rd Update Message from our Chairman on Covid-19, as of 12th May 2020

Dear All,

Please see below a further update message, issued this afternoon, from our Chairman (Martin Curtis) on the way ahead ref club events and drives at this moment in time (12th May 2020).

Best Regards

Mal & Terry

Hi everyone

I sincerely hope this finds you well and that you have all managed to keep safe and busy over the past few weeks.

I’m sure that the recent news on changes to the lockdown may be helping to lift our spirits somewhat but it appears the UK Government’s slightly muddled guidance is largely about trying to offer some light at the end of the tunnel at this time. However, I think we can agree it’s still very early days, although hopefully we will see significant improvements soon and not have to face closing things right down again.

Whilst guidance has been given on being able to drive to open spaces for exercise in England, the guidance in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland remains unchanged with all unnecessary travel remaining restricted. Despite the variations in guidance in England its clear from our reading of the details that it is still too early to arrange any kind Club gathering, be these socially distant or in a car. The Government’s guidance on leisure and meetings is very much tailored to the individual and potential family settings.

It does appear now that those who want to go out and enjoy their cars could do so in England from this Wednesday but this is a freedom of choice for members to exercise. So for the time being while we remain in this phase of partial lockdown and variation across the UK we are asking our AC’s to remain patient and hold off planning Club activities. We sincerely hope we can change this message soon and we can start to look to a time when we can get out in our cars again and recommence our social events. Social distancing we feel is going to remain a key feature of any way out of this and we are examining all the guidance we can, so that we will be able to offer AC’s outlines on organising gatherings safely when the time comes.

So for the moment the message to both AC’s and members has not changed, please hold off on Club meetings and gatherings.

Martin Curtis

Chairman MX-5 Owners Club


Thanks Mal

No worries Gerry. I have just had another email to say that, apparently, an email is coming out Friday and I should not have posted this one but it’s a bit after the horse has bolted, so I will leave as is, as the message is pretty clear to me :roll_eyes:
Best Regards