4 or 2 TYRES

Hi People
advice please I will shortly need rear tyres on my on my Mk4 2lt 160bhp MX5 the fronts are OK should I replace all 4 as I have done in the past on a MG TF 160? Replacing just the rears on the TF really upset the handling of that car. Advice would be appreciated.

Depends on the tread depth on the fronts.

My tyre routine is to swap fronts to rear annually thus when the time comes I replace with a full set as they would have worn more or less at the same rate.

As MickAP I rotate the wheels/tyres “diagonally” to balance the wear, That said I have never had a problem swapping pairs of tyres so if your fronts are good and you are replacing like for like on the back I’d definitely give it a try. Peter

If running directional tyres you cannot swap diagonally without removing tyres from rims and replacing with the correct orientation. Only front to back is possible.

just change the 2 worn ones

You cant compare what you had before to the MX5