6UL Wheels available to order (at last!)

After close to an 18 month break, the very light weight 6UL wheel is again available to order.

Already a light wheel, the 4th generation 15 x 8" wheel is not only stronger, load rating rises from 500 to 550kG but an amazing 0.7kG or 1.6lb lighter than the out going gen 3 wheel now at 5.2kG or 11.6lb. That is nearly 1lb lighter than the original 14 x 5.5" Daisy wheel and only 1lb heavier that the fabled 14 x 6" BBS wheel.

Sized specifically for the MX-5 with a 36mm offset to preserve the negative scrub steering geometry they will take both 195 50 tyres with no discernible stretch and suit a 205 perfectly. Because they preserve the original offset of the car, will fit MK1 and MK2 with no body modifications required at all usable ride heights.

If you want light wheels, this is where it’s at.



Nice looking wheel but you haven’t mentioned the price.

If I’ve looked at the right ones on the website they are £149 each, delivery in October, need to be ordered by mid August.


Isn’t the original offset 45mm?
I changed from Mazda wheels to VW BBS RA wheels which have an offset of 35 and noticed the difference in the steering, not necessarily a bad difference more like an increase in feedback.

Latest images of the new Tungsten colour



Specific Details Here.