9 years off the road

Greetings. Just joined today . Thought you might be interested to know that I bought a Eunos in 2008 , drove it for three years then put it in the garage. No special treatment, no starting up . Two days ago I bought a new battery , put a gallon of fresh petrol in . After about twenty turns of the starter , it fired up. Everything worked , air con , interior light , cigarette lighter . Today it passed it got its MOT no problem. Amazing little car


Welcome jerzy, that’s remarkable, mine had also been off the road for many years and had a big was recommissioned and goes just great, the only problem was debris in the tank which I have just cured and posted about it on here, enjoy it especially in this is weather.
Regards Dave.


Thanks Dave , I heard all sorts of horror stories about starting a car after years of un use , but absolutely no difficulty at all . Was going to drain the tank , but literally just put a fresh gallon of petrol in . Testament to Mazda.
It’s on 90k kilometres so just need to change the belt I think

Not surprised really.
I had to do the same (with some trepidation) with my Mk1 a year ago after it lay for two years ( garaged) waiting either scrapping or restoration. In with a scrap battery all charged up, a few turns…bingo. Just kept the throttle at 2k RMP for about ten minutes, then it settled as if nothing had happened. I had filled the tank to keep condensation at a minimum, but equally it meant I had a lot of old fuel to burn. In the event, it did with no issues. I’d also put new oil in, but not a filter, so that got swapped out.
Basically as it was getting restored anyway, all the stoppy bits were replaced with a 100% suspension replacement (it had all corroded solid), and all the fluids were replaced. Plus, a new Panasonic battery. So far the Nippon Denso leccys are all working as they left the factory…which is remarkable really. Done 3k reliable miles since.
Simply good solid if basic engineering.
Good luck with it’s fettling Jerzy.
9 years is “Barn Find” quality! :grinning:

I’d change out the water pump as well Jerzy TBH.
Standard practice in the main.
Plus a coolant flush…defo.

Sound advice thank you , I definitely will change all that whilst doing the belt . Hopefully then many more years of use.

My last MX-5 had sat in a garage unused for 7-8 years when I bought it. The battery was flat (I bought it without having started it up…) so I had it towed to a local garage. They put a battery on it & it started first flick. Immediately did an MOT on it and it passed without any advisories… I gave it new tyres, belts, fluids etc. as a matter of course, but indeed they are cracking little cars!

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All good advice above I would include belts as well, if your interested have a look on Mazda menders website at ‘from unloved to reborn’ basically it’s a 15k miles 10 years off the road barn find, Wayne did a great recommissioning on I can tell you that with confidence and experience as that car is now mine :wink::grinning::+1: it’s a great source of information as to what to do to a long layed up car.
Good luck Dave


Incidentally the guy I bought the car from is selling his wife/partners yellow MX5 I think it’s a MK2 don’t know anything about the car but the young guy is a 100% genuine decent and honest, if anyone is interested !

I’m grateful for all the advice . I will certainly take a look at what Wayne has written. Mine is a 1993 1.8 Eunos and this time my intention is to keep it running , perhaps 2000 miles per year. My brother in law is a motor mechanic and he wasn’t at all surprised that it started and everything works.

Hi Jerzy

Sounds great. With 12 years old tyres though, I think you should invest in a new set all round to be safe!