£98 Fully Comp with protected NCB

Last year I paid £102.77 for fully comp. insurance with Saga . This year I received a renewal quote from them  of £139.51p. I always use the comparison sites and without asking Moneysupermarket, using info I submitted last year, sent me an email offering insurance with Saga at £98-72p. I contacted Saga direct and was told that they couldn’t match the Moneysupermarket quote so I went on line to pay the £98-72p. I had difficulty with on line payment so rang the Saga contact number and this time got a different department who told me they could match the on line quote in fact they knocked off the 72p  . I cannot understand how insurance companies work but suffice to say I now have insurance £4-77p cheaper than last year . My MX5 is more of a toy so I  do less than 2,000 miles each year but putting it into perspective I have a years fully comp / protected NCB insurance for £4 less than another member is paying to have a diagnostic check on his car to find a folding hard top fault. Bargain.  

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Whoops my mistake £10 less than a diagnostic check…

^^^ Barrie will be pleased…not!


Who knows how they work think when giving one a decent quote and others they fire it right up and won’t budge much on price.

The best I ever got it down to was £124 for a Mk1, can’t remember which company, one I rang up said we can’t insure for anything lower than £130 no profit in it for us and put the phone down on me pretty quick. When you get quotes of £300-£500 for the same car it just makes the whole world of car insurance prices seem a joke.

Now you’ve got me started…

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Last year Lancaster wanted £140 full NCB, all modifications notified with guaranteed value for my 89 Mk1. After a phone call got it down to £116.

This year renewal was £140 phoned again and reduced to £115.

Here i am with a MK2.5 with no mods getting charged low 500’s

Maybe me being 25 has something to do with that.

You may have something there…