98 rusty nb funcaratron

so after years of thinking oh must do that one day

bought a rusty (no really) nb 98 in nearly hide the grot blue

first japanese car after years of french cars and one honda and more than 20 years with motorbikes

already thinking of stuff to do on the way home including pad for the dash pod cos reflections in sunlight

get rid of the boot rack

service - change box and diff oil as its a bit whiney at low speed - think the release bearing might need doing as the noise could be that too :smiley:

fix hood above rear screen

learn how to take car out for drive just for hell of it again :smiley:

pics when i figure out how and it stops raining (surprise)

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Nice one hairnet. As one rusty NB owner to another, welcome to the forums and congratulations on your new ride.
I know exactly what you mean about the binnacle reflecting in the windscreen. I recently flocked mine using a DIY kit off eBay and the difference is significant. It’s well worth doing.
Hope you get some pics up soon. :+1:


haha cheapo bath mat or similar i think :smiley:

seat (or at least drivers) are borked but have a lead on a pair the same colour

must buy some cod liver oil capsules as creak old git struggles getting in and out hahaha

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You and me both :+1:
My car’s got it’s share too so we’re a good match.
Twilight blue mica, lovely choice of finish (although I might be biased).
Looking forward to seeing what you do with her.

plugs pulled


changed during the week

i was gonna unhook the battery cos its gonna be sat till friday - but theres extra wires - i think its got an alarm as theres those little block things at the a pillars - will it upset it? ta

boot rack is going - must learn to 7k rpm again (i drive a diesel van)

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plugs changed air filter changed

oil will get changed next week as theyre busy (dont have that kinda flash toot just hand tools cos bikes):stuck_out_tongue:

i have a boot rack question can i ask on here or will i be flamed and need to be a good little boy and post in tech section :smiley:

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Nice work mate.
Btw, changing the oil is simple on an NB.
You wouldn’t need any flash tools.

its now for not for sale

dicky hip says no - but if i can find a seat with a slimmer frame then we’ll see

apart from that i like it - if the nc and nd are the same but roomier i would if i had more money :smiley:

its still getting done by a proper person (too old for all that :smiley: )

rack is still coming off (found out what the fixings are)

so a quick rip to lancashire

underneath looks good

gearbox is borked

toast rack is gone (for sale if anyone wants it - must take pics)

friend has gearbox for it - thats getting done week after next

then its either isle of wight or ireland if they sack off the quarantine

not looking at hardtops either :stuck_out_tongue:

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it needed these (ffs)

coulda been worse

didnt get a go on this tho (UPSET) :smiley:

was ok on friday started playing silly buggas on sat so knew it was something simple like a connection as it would stutter then stop mostly when going slowly - put fresh ones on and it turned into funcaratron again did 650 since friday and between 85-90 litres so early 30s - not so bad

was gonna speak to hood man tomorrow but due to omglokdownkaos - not sure if theyll be open

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rock and roll
went shopping in it :smiley:

fek im old :smiley:

will speak to man about a hood next week - the going away isnt happening due to not enough notice so only travelling a little bit

also put the glovebox back in properly (them book packs are heavy innit :smiley: )

hairdresser LYFE :smiley:

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better :smiley:


first time hood down since before xmas due to leave it up to let it settle etc

no problem weather was poo and could use bike anyway

went to hoover out water from the footwells today (not the hoods fault)
tried to put the hood and EPIC FAIL

tighter than a yorkshireman related to a scotsman (only kidding)

cant pull it up enough by myself to make it latch (less than 10mm) cant get help due to helper doesnt have the muscles and other help isnt available due to covid rules (woulda give bro in law a rest from knocking down parts of his house lol)

had a look at the frame and figured out if i pulled on the frame where it heads south to the seat belt mount it might move forward enuff to meet the latch

so this happened

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10 mins after id finished

it started raining


due to omglockdown i want to bring it to TEH MAN but cant (technically its broken but its not broken) but its not important so 5-0 might get annoyed if they enquire

need to speak to him to see if maybe the frame isnt tighened on or something similar