A few pics and thank yous

Had a great time at the rally and camping for the 2 nights at Fangfoss [:D]


Thanks to Mick for arranging the camping, I imagine it was a bit of a mare organising that.

Thanks to all the organisers for making the actual rally day a great one, and also the organisation of the Saturday runs, really enjoyed the blast over the Yorkshire countryside. Some amazing views [:D]


Halli, can you pass my thanks on to Dave and his son Ethan, I never got to see them before we left, but  they helped me out looking after my lad Stan while I was busy cooking and trying to put the tent away on Sunday morning [H] I dont think Dave is on the forum yet.


Also thanks to Adrian aka Tornado, for turning up on Friday night so I wasnt the only camper there [;)] Hope to see you around Manchester!





Will do, I’m not sure Dave is in the 19th century yet


EDIT: Good to meet you and your youngun again [Y]