A list of ACs by area?

Whilst trying to send out some invites to AC’s today, i have been unable to find a comrehensive list on the forum. Is this a possibility as it was on the old one?

Or am I just Blind? I think it will be of benefit to a;; to be able to contact the appropriate AC’s when needed without having to browse ALL the different areas websites



Good idea.

All ACs details are listed in STHT however  and if you use the areas link from website homepage you can check on each individual area and pick up the details.

Was there a list on old forum then as you seem to suggest ?

I found this, but it seems it maybe slightly out of date?


That was upto date as of the move here, although some on there may only be people who needed AC permisions on the old forum rather than actualy ACs.

Mino regularly sends out lists of all NC members and AC’s. Contact him for up to date list.

Regards    Jim