Ive used A-plan for the last 2 years and now im absolutly disgusted with them.


Renewal quote was 1525quid from the previous year being 650quid, i rang them and asked if they could give me a better deal (the previous year i got a quote for over 2500quid after ring them a few times i got it down, (why they couldnt have given me the lower price to start with i will never know, greed breeds dishonesty i suppose) I was met with a blunt “no” so i asked them NOT to renew, but they renewed my insurance anyway, im not receiving direct debit mandates from some credit company, ive rang A-plan again and told them that i dont want to renew but im not sure its getting through to them…

 Ive gone with a different company and got a insurance policy for 790quid. (I have a fixed penalty since last year for running a red light)

So much for them being the “mx5 specialists”

Let the buyer beware and remember to shop around.


also sorry for the use of the word “quid” instead of the pound sign this forum doesnt seem to like my remapped keyboard :S

It’s always disappointing to read things like this - yet another company failing to uphold the bare minimum.

Before I had the MX5 I was insured with direct line (age restrictions means I can’t just now), and even though I never made any sort of claim, they were always very helpful (and understandable) when I phoned them up, to the point I would pay a bit extra to be with them over another company in the future.

I use Sky and Adrian Flux… both offer discounts to Club members 10% IIRC

I was with Norwich Union for my last two cars, and expected the price to shoot up when I called to insure my car yesterday, but the price was £348, slightly cheaper than my Santa Fe. Bare in mind i’m in Jersey (there is no car theft/crime here) and i’m 33 with 8 years no claims. Two cars ago I just played them off each other and ended up making up a price to tell them, and let them beat it :slight_smile:

Try Phone the A-Plan office in Milton Keynes, and getting a quote from them…

Last year I insured through A-Plan in Aylesbury at a cost of some £260 - my renewal quote from them this year was almost doubled at nearly £500 ( I had 1 claim but with protected no claims!!).

Remembering that someone had said that the A-Plan Milton Keynes branch was more MX5 friendly I thought what the heck and gave them a call - they quoted me £280 - needles to say I re-insured with the Milton Keynes branch.

What I did find a bit worrying was that both quotes from A-Plan Aylesbury and A-Plan Milton Keynes were with the same insurance company - Equity Red Star, and yet there was such a large difference in price (btw the Aylesbury branch claimed that the £500 quote was the cheapest they could find, but they would waiver the £25 legal cover fee - as I was a valued customer!!!)[^o)]

The Milton Keynes (actually Bletchley high st) will only deal with unmodified 5s. Anything modified has to go through their Thatcham branch 0845 071 1234.

 Just wanted to give a quick “thumbs up” to the A-Plan Bletchley office. I’ve already got a policy through A-Plan (via their Newbury branch) on my Volvo, but I was shopping around this afternoon for a policy for my '5 before I pick it up next week. It’s going to be a second car, so I needed a policy that would mirror my existing maximum NCD - Steve at A-Plan MK sorted me for £292 fully-comp. AON, on the other hand, who supposedly “look after” MX5OC members, were more than £100 dearer, and not half as friendly and helpful on the phone …

I’ve found Footman James to be very good for both imported and modified cars, if you are doing low miles they will cover an MX5 on a classic policy too.

I too have had my renewal from A plan and the price has rocketed by 17% despite the fact I’ve had no claims at all in the last 4 years. I found them inflexible and not particularly helpful.

So I thought I’d go back to AON/Footman James as sponsors of the OC. As with the person above they were £70 more expensive, and seemed to have no knowledge of the MX5…they also didn’t call me back for 2 days after promising a return call within an hour…so I had to phone them.

Whatever happened to customer service???

I’ve just purchased a 91 V-Spec and phoned A-plan Milton Keynes branch for a quote (I had my import Subaru Forester S/tb insured with them last year).  As usual they were fantastic, they gave me a 3 years introductory NCB discount as my no claims bonus is on my other car, my partner is a named driver, I can modify the car with in reason at no extra cost (unless I fit a Supercharger etc etc). The insurance company is Equity Red Star and for the price of £272.50 fully comp I thought it wasn’t to bad[;)]

Your a new customer, just wait until you renew.

 Make sure you watch them aswell as they tried to stiff me for a years insurance even tho i’d rang them twice telling them i didnt wanna renew… They then sent me a letter threatening to send the BiB around for me driving without insurance… Id setup my new insurance a good month prior to the expiry date of the policy i had with them… Renewal that time was 1500+ pounds in the first renewal letter. I think they are a greedy company on plays on the fact they are “specialist” they will always try to get the most money out of their punters. As i say just wait until the renewal.


Adrian Flux £140 & just renewed it for £146 [Y] …But im a golden oldie

 another a-plan milton keynes here and had no issues with them, even turned out the cheapest to issure the freelander as well

A-Plan Thatcham did their best for me when I was ringing round, very helpful. They couldn’t get anywhere close to Adrian Flux though. I am with Adrian Flux now.

I’ve got a bit of age and full no claims (protected) on my side but insured my car through the Post Office for just under £250…considering it took longer to run through the modifications than it did my details I was expecting far worse!

My Alfa before Betsy cost me 3 times as much and was only half the fun, V6 or not!

I tried A-Plan and Flux plus a whole load of the usual suspects when I was insuring last year but no-one could get anywhere near to Elephant [:O].

Heard Highway can somtimes give decent quotes as well.

My renewal is coming up so I’ll let you know what the score is for me with all of the above soon.

I suppose a lot depends on where you live but unmodified MK1’s you should be able to get insured fairly easily and not bad prices.  I was paying £300 with 2 claims and 3 years bonus living in Poulton and unmodified so IMHO anything over £700 and you’re being well and truly ripped.

Once modified (suspension, induction, exhaust) it went up to just under £1000 so hunted around and I’m now paying £340 Fully Comp- still with the 2 claims but 4 years no claims.  I’ve used The Life Group who use NIG.  NIG apparently specialise in modified imports.


Is that for fully comprehensive insurance with low mileage? 


Yep…Fully Comp limited to 1500 miles on a Classic Policy. The renewal was £146 but i just upped the mileage to 3000 so now paying £161