A question re roof colour Mk 3 NC

Hello again, I have been asking a few questions and seriously appreciate all who take the time to respond All my questions have been answered thus far. Another one now if I may pls.
See pic of my hood. It’s in good nick, I have cleaned it as recommended here with baby shampoo and wet vac. I am going to put Fabsil to help with the rain ( lots of rain in the west of Ireland ) Before I use the Fabsil I’m thinking of re-dyeing it, however, I won’t do it unless I can find someone who can tell me what colour it is . ( I assume its a factory colour )
The question is Has anyone re-dyed their hood of this colour and was it successful

, if so what dye colour ??
I have done this before with Black hoods but dont know what to call this colour ? Light brown maybe ??

Why re dye it you have something different from the rest…unless it looked tatty I would leave alone not re dyed a roof myself but black is obvious but every one as that …but have you thought of red…Google is your best bet to see if it can be done …and how…

I would agree with Phil - if the colour is consistent across the whole hood I would keep the colour - it looks both nice and different! Sorry, no idea what colour it is…

Is the car a Venture edition, as it looks like the hood and interior that mine had?

Tan perhaps??

Thank you all, I think I just needed to hear from someone else to leave it and thats what ill do. Its in v good condition all over. Not sure of edition, i dont think its a special edition. It was born in 2005 in japan, imported to UK in 2006 ( quite a feat in Irl. however it was an elderly owner who hardly used it)
Thanks again all


If you have the time have a read of the US forum miata.net they have a section devoted to nc model tops and several there appear to have the copper red/tan roof combo. It may be of help.