A Tall Story

A friend of mine is interested in buying an MX5 but is
6’ 3". Can you height enhanced gentlemen out there please comment.

Mate of mine is 6’4" and can drive my NC1 with lowered seat no problem

Thank you Richardn

I’m 6’3" and drive a NA without a foamectomy.

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I think it depends where their height is.

I am 6’5" with the majority of my height being my legs.
I fit in NCs and ND RFs driver seats just by putting the seat as far back as possible.
However, when I tried an NB I smashed my knee between the steering wheel and door handle.
And I don’t fit in an ND passenger seats due to the short foot well and protruding dash panel.

On the other hand, my cousin is 6’4" with the majority of his height being his torso.
He doesn’t fit in an ND RF driver seats because his head hits the roof.
But he did fit in an NC passenger seat.

I’m 6 foot tall and have previously owned a NA and two NC’s. Both types were fine for leg room.

I sold my MK3.5 NC and bought a new ND 2ltr sport (great car) but after a year I sold it as I found the leg room in the car very restrictive and the seat gave me back ache. So ended up buying another NC which is a great improvement on leg room, plus no back ache.

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Ian, thank you. A very informative reply.

Thank you 1954. I will pass that on. Clearly my friend must try each model for fit, like a suit !