A VERY loud screeching

I can drive for four hours at cruising speed and everything is normal. Then, suddenly this noise starts; just as suddenly it stops and all is OK; it lasts less than a minute. Not synchronised with the engine revs. Can’t tell if it’s from front or back. I thought at first that it was a wear indicator but all pads have a reasonable amount of meat on them. 

My car is just a Mark 2, around 18/19 years old (V reg in UK).

Just now checking brakes etc but so far have no idea how to stop this noise.

I’m flying from London Heathrow on holiday this Sunday so please reply asap! Don’t know if I can trust my car to get there and back!

Thanks in advance for any comments.



Check the alternator belt tension and check the alternator bearings.

Yes, and also the power steering pump belt. Either can screech.

It could be a piece of gravel trapped between the brake disc and the brake backing plate. This can come and go as you say. It makes a horrendous noise which is not related to engine speed but more to road speed and sometimes it is a little more or less pronounced when applying steering lock. The alternator bearings is a good check also. Belts etc tend to produce more noise when accelerating, particularly when the engine is cold.

I get a screeching noise when I go around roundabouts rather lively. But i think its coming from my wife. :slight_smile: