A visit to The Isle of Wight ***Moved to June 2022***

Dear All,

Although its early days, the IOW visit has been posted in order to gauge take-up for this event and enable members to obtain ferry discounts ahead of the June visit date


Best Regards

Mal, Terry & Darren

Hi Mal, Terry & Darren,

Could you please put Sheila and myself down as a ‘maybe’ at this early stage, but will most likely turn into a ‘definite’ ??.


Graham and Sheila

Patricia and John are coming, please put our names down

Hi Mal, Terry and Darren

can you include myself in the trip to Isle of Wight had a great time in 2018 


Paul Milbourn 

Evening Mal, Terry & Darren,

Please include Angela and myself for this great run - it will be even better if the sun makes an all day appearance  like it did last time!


Ron and Angela 

Sue and I would like to come on this trip please. 

Add myself and Kerry to the list of confirmed attendees (obviously!)


Also, please add Jeff from Cowes. He will be bringing a few other MX5s too ??

Hi Darren,


I have duly added you and Kerry and also Jim, as requested.


Let me know as soon as Jim has names for the MX5 owners he is bringing along.





Hi mal Terry & Darren book me in for this one please

Hi Gerry,

You are on the list. 

Are you bringing Richard or Doff along to this one?

Best Regards


Hi Everyone,

We are now up to 27 people for this event and I am keeping Darren advised of our numbers to date.


If any more people wish to attend this drive, please could they respond on here or the Forum Post, as both are monitored on a regular basis.



Davina and I would like to join in the IoW event. We enjoyed the 2018 event and look forward to more of the same in 2020.

Ferry already booked, courtesy of Tesco Clubcard vouchers.


Could you add Judy and myself for the visit to the South Island please.


Martin and Judy.


Hi Mal, Terry & Darren,

Unfortunately we’re unable to make it along for this after all Frown.


Graham and Sheila

Ferry Booked Portsmouth 07.00 Hrs, Looking forward the day out. Cool


Hi Bernie, that makes at least 5 of us going out on the 07.00 ferry…see you there…

Hi all,


Many thanks for your responses thus far. We are now up to 31 people and its good to see Bernie & Sue?, Judy & Martin & Davina & Nick join us for this run to the IOW.


Glad to see members are taking up the discounts Darren has arranged, as well as other deals that are around.


Its shaping up to be another good visit and I am still working on the sunshine


Best Regards



Sorry Mal not sure yet

No worries Gerry. It was a great visit two years ago and I am sure you would enjoy it.