That would be my silver mk2.5 [:D] Just a shame my brakes weren’t working properly.
I think reason you will see more mk1’s is cost: cost to buy in the first place, and cost to replace if damaged. Also there are probably a lot of folk with mk1s as weekend only cars.
Also bear in mind the mk1 is slightly lighter, like for like (AC, PS, etc) is only about 50kg mind.

Yes [;)]


mk 1’s are lighter and have race history… there are two mx5 championship leagues in the country and both use the mk1 mx5… it my have something to do with handling… and its basic original form that does it…! im currently about to start the transformation of my mk1 from road to track/race…ish… I can’t wait…!

Sorry, just I saw a perfect opportunity to use the new “strikethrough” feature.

Cost is the most important point here

Initial costs and upgrade cost are less on a mk1 , and they do make Ideal Fast road/Track cars

Uma £950 purchase

gaz shocks £ 410

Stainless brake hoses and better pads £100

Arc induction pipe + 8mil plug leads £70

£580 spent on Performance parts(if thats what you want to call it) and the car handles and brakes very well.


But I think people who are Now Building very high performance models are going for the Mk2’s

More powerfull engine to start with , power steering and abs as standard makes for a very quick and easy car to drive

And now prices have fallen sharply and more BOLT ON enhancments 230+bhp is easily available for £3000 worth or turbo or supercharger


Bur I think the purist still love a Mk1[:P]



Can spectators get in to Oulton to watch these events?

Id love to come along to one, but wouldnt want to start chucking mine round as its my daily driver [:P]

Wasnt able to go this time round, but will keep my eyes open for future events [:)]



To the Experienced driver  I think they would live without.

But Normal drivers I think they can aid you. Driving Uma(with PAS) over a long twisty section is far easier , responsive and less tiring than Sparkle(non PAS) both cars are 1.8 and this goes for all speeds.

ABS is one that splits drivers (thats why lotus dont fit it).

 Once you have the skill and knowledge to know the limits of your tyre/brake set up you should never need it…But most drivers dont

Thats when abs is usefull you can barrel up to a corner and if you get it slightly wrong (or its slippy) the ABS kicks in and saves you…especialy if your pushing more power than normal ?


And Once you have got some feel for the car you can always switch it OFF. MK1’s tend to give you a liitle bit of a warning because they lock the front nearside up before any other wheel…it alows you time to get off the brakes and re apply.

This only applys to normal drivers not the awesome demigods  with years of track experience would would choose neither.


Worms out of can on this subject please feel free to give your 2p worth[;)]


Pick the right day with the right crowd…and stay in your own limits and the risk is minimal to your car and your underwear[:D]

On saturday I didnt see the red flag (incident return to pits) go out once all day.

A few cars spun who were trying hard but didnt see any cars get damaged (thats 70+ cars all doing 100mile + on track each)

And forget watching ask people for a ride out…I hardly saw a 5 out that didnt have 2 people in and get a real view of what its all about.


Oh and Joanne you should have come and said Hello Im not exactly hard to find !






Well, maybe after a spectator/passemger ride, I might get the feel for having a blast myself in the future, thanks Alan.


I had a different passenger each session, maybe I should start charging [:P]

I was lucky enough to come along with my mate Joe and John Cookson kindly gave us both a lift is his supercharged MK1 - was just on par with what looked like a lowered red 2.0 Mk3 steel roofed MK3 - great fun!

Peter Jones unfortunately blew his Mk1 phase 3 BBR turbo on 1st outing so Matthew had no competition or benchmark. However, he seemed in a class of his own - and a nice guy - put me down for a passenger ride if you ever come down to East Anglia!!


… was in fact a lowered red 2.0 Mk3 plastic roofed Mk3 Sport driven by me. Some very entertaining laps - thanks John.

You don’t see a lot of Mk3s on the track which is a pity as it makes an excellent track day car.

And a very fine car it is too Ken [Y]