ABS Sensor where to buy?

The local Mazda dealer want £130 +vat for an ABS sensor which my car needs, does anyone know an alternative source for these or am I stuck with a Mazda dealer ?

 “Autolink” - worth a google?

Thanks, most people seem to only sell them with the hubs as apparently they are impossible to get out without breaking them. Still the whole hub and sensor comes to less than half a new sensor’s cost.

Seems like a bit of a sledgehammer to crack a nut though…

Presume you’ve tried MX5 Parts & David Manners (was SFT)

MX5 parts don’t list ABS sensors, and I’m not aware of who David Manners is sorry.

Dave Manners






A mate of mine has offered me a used rear sensor, does anyone know if the sensors are the same front to rear? doesn’t matter about the wire I can solder that to the old loom.


It’ll plug in but I think they mount differently. The fronts go through a hole where as the rears hang over an edge.