Adding a rear view camera

I think I would like to add a rear camera to my Pioneer SPH230DAB.
I see there is a huge price range and CCD vs CMOS too.
Can I ask what models we find good or bad please?
Also any fitting tips too.

Pioneer’s own camera is not worth the money if you did look at it, it’s just a rebranded £15 camera you find on eBay but for £50+ because they put their name to it.

I used a Xtrons camera that has 170 degree vision, it was only £15 and did the job. Unless you want to spend a lot most of them will be pretty poor in the dark, you can always run a higher power reverse bulb to help the camera though.

I’ve put a much brighter LED ‘bulb’ in the reversing light.
It makes a huge difference and I’m sure would be sufficient to give a decent image with a reversing camera.

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