Adding an extra 12v USB port

  1. My model of MX-5 is: NC1
  2. I’m based near: London
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: USB port

Looking to add an additional port in a better position than below the climate controls. Will route over to the drivers side, but any recommendations on which ignition-hot fuse to piggy back off?

Well as USB is 5v, you’ll also need a suitable step down adapter. Or wire in a new 12v socket and plug in a USB adapter

My thought was to
Route one to the inside of the arm rest area, so that I can plug my phone in.


Good recommendation on position. I have a step down usb kit, so just need to select a suitable fuse to piggy back from and then choose my route.

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I fitted a new SONY head unit that has 2 x USB sockets. So I now have those 2 ( extension cables from the rear of the head unit go down the transmission tunnel cover and come out just behind each seat and where I can connect my iphone cable etc to the socket at the end of the extension.

The 12 v socket on the car below the heater controls has a low profile double USB adapter plugged in.

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Any pics? Sounds good.

I bought 3 of these just over 4 years ago and they are all still working. One for each car in the family.

The one in the MX-5 (ND) is in the accessory socket above the passenger footwell and powers the dash cam (cable hidden in windscreen surround etc.) and my phone, which lives in a Brodit mount.

Probably not applicable to your NC, but the USBs in the centre console of the ND (2017 ones anyway) are not man enough for phone charging as they are very low power. I have a “Faster charge USB adaptor” plugged in there, which combines the two sockets into one with more power while retaining the data connection. Unfortunately OOS at the moment.

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Pics of the drivers side of that helps. Sorry about the poor second pic. Sun ruined it but just so you know that’s a USB extension coming from the back of the head unit and exiting the back of the transmission tunnel cover so it drops down at the back of the seats.