Adjusting headlight aim

 Hi does anyone know of a DIY way to adjust the aim of the headlights? I remember my old fiat even had a description of the process in it’s hand book, where you park next to a wall, and take some measurements of where the bright bits of the light was i think! I dont have the mazda handbook though[:(]

Can’t seem to find much information on the internet as to what i’m supposed to measure! I’ve just changed the bulbs and i doubt they are still aiming right. Dont really want to take it to a garage if i can twiddle a few screws at home!

It’s all in Rods wsm, heres an extract, doesn’t scan too well at this size

 Hope Mr Grainger doesn’t mind you copying & publishing extracts of his work? [;)]

 Ah nice one thanks! used have an old scanner but never really found a use for it, but that come out perfect!


Mmm…good point, maybe a note saying Rod Graingers WSM is real good, here’s a taster, you can buy your own from the forum sponsor


IIRC Being in the print business you are allowed to reproduce a maximum of 10% of a book

without infringing copyright under the “fair use” part of the copyright


 It IS a fabulous book though… [:S]

Which is probably why you get a sense of deja-vu if you read Rod’s manual after reading the offiicial Mazda workshop manual.