Advent Day 24 Christmas Eve

Rudolph the Red Nose MX-5 - Image courtesy of Neil Collins

Before signing off for Xmas I would just like to thank all those NWM members who contributed to both this Advent Calendar and the one that Scott Kelly has administered on our Facebook page. A total of 47 photos that came in over the electronic highway. Some showing your MX-5 in a treasured location, a few with grandchildren sat proudly within the car. One with the wife stuffed in the boot of the car. Police investigations are on-going! Best of all a few with members gathered together enjoying each others company. I suppose that’s what its all really about at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter what MX-5 you drive, a beaten up old banger or an immaculate show room example. What really counts is you the members so keep that in mind particularly during this testing year and lets all stay strong and I’m sure 2021 will be better (it cant be much worse!)

Happy Christmas

Jim Keeley