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Ive been forum member here for a while but my old Mk1 is in need of some TLC 

does anyone in the Wessex area know of a restorer or enthusiast who can help with my car? I am not a mechanic and I dont have tools, space or time to do the work myself. is there anyone out there who you can recomend? lots of places dont really understand the car - trust me I can tell you about several bad experiences such as a garage not putting an oil filter in properly and losing all the oil or not bolting in a new shock absorber?

Also I need a garage in the south west Salisbury area which I can rent to store her in as well.

If anyone can help with this that would be great otherwise the poor thing will be relegated to the Mk1 scrapheap Im afraid. 

Hello Fionaroadster2,
I am in the Wessex region. If you want a garage that understands the mx5 then I have no hesitation in recommending mx5heaven based in Charminster, which is on the outskirts of Dorchester in Dorset. I have used them for mechanical work and bodywork and they are very good. They will provide a free loan car if required which might be of use to you. I would certainly give them a ring to discuss your needs, as they will be happy to advise I’m sure.
Tel: 01305 268149