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Hi folks - unfortunately I’ve damaged my Eunos ( passenger door and rear wing) its going to be a write off - car still runs perfectly ( just spent £900.00 for MOT - hate this scenario- insurance value it at £1100 - disappointed at this value - I will contest it - I’m still thinking of trying to repair it - but maybe end of road - difficult to accept after the fun I’ve had anyway - rant over - any thoughts ?

Probably “written down market value” unless you have agreed value insurance. You may be able to buy back and get it done yourself for less than an insurance repairs job, depending on the damage?

Post some photos.
One man’s disaster is another’s fixer-upper.

Difficult one, damage doesn’t sound terminal, what is the buyback price?

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That’s the plan - not got buyback price yet

When I pranged my bike, I was advised to go for a negotiated settlement.
The insurance company sent an engineer to assess the damage and I negotiated a payout for repairs to be organised/carried out by me with no write off.
I had to push a bit but it worked out well and the repairs cost less than the payout

Same sentiment as above… challenge the write off value, hopefully you will have receipts for work done if requested. It costs them more to squabble/inspect/negotiate than to pay a bit more. I would expect you could easily double what is on offer.

But to save yourself hassle, you could ask them to repair. I had this with a bike crash a few years ago, the assessor said it was a write off, but if I was happy to compromise on parts used, eg pattern not genuine etc then they could repair it. I took the repair and ended up with a mint as new bike.

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Aye better not to accept first time - thanks