Advice Needed

Hi All

Just joined this Forum as hoping to get an idea of price to sell a Eunos Roadster at? I just don’t drive it anymore and don’t have a garage so looking to sell on to an enthusiast. I have owned it for 8 years, love it but as said, with 3 kids, it isn’t getting the drive it needs. Where is a good place to get an honest (ish) valuation. It has low mileage of 134347 kms for its year (1991). Needs a new window to soft top and a very small amount of TLC but apart from that is in pretty good condition, though I am not an expert. Will get an advert together wiyth photos but don’t know where to get a value that I should advertise it for as have heard that Eunos Roadsters are quite sort after at the moment. It is an Automatic and I am based in the Sussex.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

You are correct in thinking that Eunos Roadster are becoming sought after. However Automatics are not. They seem to have stigma about them that makes them almost impossible to sell for decent money. I have one of each. My Automatic is by far a much nicer and better car than my manual however it’s worth about half as much. It’s a shame because they are Superb cars. I will always take the Auto in preference to the Maunual. It’s a better ride, quieter and revs less. However if I feel like a Blast through country lanes scaring the locals the Manual wins hands down. 

Most of the bad press for Autos is perpetuated by people who have never driven one. It’s true, they are not as quick or engagingly to drive, but they are no were near as bad as some people make out. Good luck with your sale. 

I have dealt with a lot of Eunos Auto owners and ex-owners  but never owned or driven one myself.

Not encountered anyone who has actually used one of these car criticise it so, for what they are obviously very good.

True the market is limited but so is the supply of cars now. quite a few MX5 owners/potential owners do specifically require an auto and far less likely to have to entertain poor quality buyers when selling one.   

If the car is MOTd with no major faults, I would say it has to be worth £1500+.