Aerial Conversion

Hello, I’ve got a 2001 NB with a fixed aerial that is incredibly annoying and about to fall off anyway and I would also be concerned with some kn0bhead pulling it off in a car park. Has anybody had any luck with doing any sort of conversion to an automatic one that folds down when ignition is off or even one I could push down myself like a house radio ? Thanks. :grin:

I’m certainly no spanner man, but would it be possible to fit a small stubby aerial assembly to yours ? , I bought one for my Mk3 it works fine and its only about 4 1/2 inches high, it screwed straight onto the black boss that’s already on the body, I bought the replacement stubby from Moss Performance parts, dunno if you could fit the whole setup on yours, just a thought.


This would be better than a retracting one actually I’ll definitely have a look at these, thanks.

Or fit a used factory power aerial

Okay looks good thanks :+1: