Aerial stays up when changing from FM to CD

Hi guys, I hope that someone would be able to help.

I’ve just changed the battery on my Mk.2 and I think that this messed up the stereo unit settings.

The aerial used to go up whenever going from CD/AUX to FM and go down when going from FM to CD/AUX.

The automatic aerial still works - when I start the car it goes up and it goes down when I turn off the car.

It’s the CDM-MP80 Sony stereo. I couldn’t find anything about it in the manual.

Any idea where in the settings this might be or whether there is another reason?

A Battery change probably means you lost the initial settings, what I would do is go to Sony’s website and see if there are any details about revising settings in there. The actual type and serial number of the head unit my help in that respect.
Or- contact the dealer from where you bought it.

On my model (an NBFL) the aerial goes up whatever program source I select - annoying when you want to hear a CD - but other than fitting an on/off switch in the feed to the aerial which I never got round to. I got used to it.

The aerial will stay up on other sources than radio if you have traffic announcements turned on. Turn announcements off and it should drop down on CD and aux.

Thanks for the help, lads