Aftermarket cat recommendations?

Hi All,

I’m looking to replace the 370mm cat on my mk1 1.8 eunos.
I replaced it about 3 years ago with an MX5 parts one which has since died and reading the reviews, I’m tempted to look for something different this time.
Has anybody got any recommendations for good aftermarket cats that might last a little longer?

Many Thanks:)

The reason Aftermarket Cat’s are cheaper than OEM is they don’t contain as much precious metal, which is the catalyst. So they don’t last…genuinely a “get what you pay for”

Mine lasted years, as I took it off straight after the MOT and put in a bypass pipe until the next MOT

That’s a cunning plan!
I guess what I’m looking for is the least bad aftermarket cat, if that makes sense?
But perhaps they are all much the same without, as you say ,all the platinum of the oem version.

Look at MX5 Bitz, very helpful had mine for 4 years now and I don’t take mine off between MOTs.

Thanks for that Dave,

I’ve checked out their site and it looks like there are 2 quality options available, one for about £45 and one for about £90. Did you go for the more expensive one?

From what I remember yes.

Nice one, cheers Dave,

Just need to test my maf sensor before fitting a new one!

Just checked, Mine was a Catalytic converter Type Approved Mazda MX5 MK1 1.6i & Eunos 1/89 - 12/94 345mm 375mm angled priced at £70 plus p&p. Most helpful person who is a member on here, he even contacted me to check I had ordered the correct size as mine is at a size change date. If I remember correctly it came with gaskets and fittings.

Cool that looks like the one to go for then!
Just need to make sure the car isnt running too rich before replacing it…

Thanks for your help:)