AI MX5 Owners

Sorry - my American geography is rubbish! :roll_eyes: South Western States :+1:
Baka - interesting.

Re Ozarks - also spawned a special type of Mandolin.

Straw Woman :rofl:

Dreaming of summer, don’t drink and drive or park on double yellows…

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I was hoping for something more extreme, but it nailed the colour.

“A Mazda MX-5 Miata in a light metallic purple color in downtown Tokyo. The car is modified in the style of Rauh-Welt Begriff (RWB). It is a summer evening. Photo realistic.”

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I used to have one of these


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Having sold my MX-5, I am now the proud owner of a VW T6 campervan…


And you should see my wife’s Kia…


Annual MOT:
Items removed from drivers view prior to test: Engine.


That resembles a SHADO mobile. :grin:

I count 7 headers on the exhaust manifold so what’s that? V14 :joy:

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I love the way it’s slapped a VW badge on the side of the turret…

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