Air bag warning lights

The air bag warning lights are on. The yellow is permanently on and the red light gives a blink code 4 long and 8 short. Has anyone any ideas on this or is there anybody in the south or southeast who could repair this.

Not sure which model you’ve got but I remember reading that the MK3’s can put the light on because of a bad connection under the seats.
If you do any checking, disconnect the vehicle battery and leave about 10mins before you check the connections… depending on model you may have to recode the radio, reset the traction control, steering parameters and let the engine control unit relearn the idle (all normally straight forward.)

Passenger seat weight sensor I believe. Check the plug under the seat. They have a habit of coming loose. Remove anything under the seat and crush the plug together. If this doesn’t cure it you h=need to seperate the plug and put it back together

Yep, thirded.
Check the connector under the seats if it’s an NC; you can access it from the front.
Spray it with this : and disconnect / reconnect a couple of times until it goes away.
(Unless it’s something else, of course :¬)

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Mine is a Mk2. The seats are not original so they are not plugged in