Airbag 1996 1.8 MK 1

 Sorry if this sounds a bit dim but how can I tell if my 1996 1.8 MK 1has an airbag. It has nothing on the steering wheel to indicate and the warning light does’nt come on when you turn the key in the ignition, the wheel is a sort of 3 spoke jobbie with a triangular centre and I want to remove it because its worn out ?
Cheers all 

Almost certainly not. The airbag wheel was only fitted to the later UK Mk1 1.8iS not the 1.8i. Your description matches a standard non airbag wheel so changing it for something better is easy.

 Thanks for that ,much appreciated.

This is the offending wheel , I’ve had a peek under the panel on the front of the wheel and can’t see anything that looks like an airbag. Hope I’ve done the link right [:$]


No definitely isn’t. The one I took off had SRS Airbag written on it. I agree with Joanne…ditching it is the best thing you can do![:D]

 Thanks folks, I braved it and took off the front panel and there was just a big void behind so if ever there was a bag connected to the light it’s not there now and even better I did’nt end up with a broken snout from a rogue airbag !! I’ll be fitting my Momo Neron as soon as the boss arrives on Monday.
Thanks again folks and I’ll be posting some pics of my car next weekend if any one fancies a look , I love her.


Thanks for the advice I’ll make sure I’m not posting a pic of me with a bandage on me conk !!! [:D]